1 Front Cover.png
2 Inside Left.png
3 Inside Right.png
4 Back Cover.png
5 cd.png
  About a month ago, I was shocked, and honored, to receive a message from my awesome friend Chipocrite, the widely-known chiptune musician, requesting that I create the casing and CD art for his newest album release, Wordplay. After hours of intensive lineart and pixels and vectoring and font-picking and typesetting, I present to the internet a breakdown of the album’s visuals.   The order goes: Front, Inside Left, Inside Right, Back, CD. (Spine not featured due to weird sizing.)  I am immensely proud, and grateful, that he approached me to create this. It’s been an honor and a privilege to have been a part of making this whole thing possible for my immensely talented friend.  Listen to and purchase this beautiful album here: chipocrite.bandcamp.com
Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 8.33.26 PM.png
 sticker I designed for the wonderfully talented Chipocrite.   http://chipocrite.com/ http://chipocrite.bandcamp.com/
 silly chiptune sticker. represent
 badges I designed for 8staticfest 2013.
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